Outdoor sporting is often loved by many people to relax themselves and to create something exciting in their lives. Some people wish to go on camping and picnic when they are free or when their whole family is free to enjoy together. Camping in summer can also be done that requires attention to keep all the necessary accessories with you.

Family camping needs to be done when you want to stay out of your home with your family. When we talk about camping the very first thing that comes in your mind is how to check for the place to stay in our camps. People also wish to go on camping with friends and relatives so accordingly planning are done for the tenting. The best family tents are available at your nearest store.

First of all the main thing that you should take with you is the tent that will help you to stay on camping or tent also help you to stay comfortable and to keep your things safe. There are different seasons in which the camping can be done and accordingly the requirements for family tents are different as compared to seasons.

In summer if you wish to camp so keep in mind to take Air conditioner with you that will help you to stay cool. Your tent must contain all the accessory items that you want to be with you while camping including first aid kit. You should have knowledge about the camping gear that you must use when camping.



Under hot weather of the summer, if we do not pay attention to the techniques of the sports, it will be very easy to have a shock or wounds. Here, we provide you some notes so that you can avoid bad situation in playing sports.

Useful notes

  1. Time frame

Sport players have to take notice of the intensity and the practicing time. Do not play sport at the hottest time frame of the day (from 10 am to 3 pm) on the grounds that this time frame is of the most danger. If you want to play sport, it is the best to play before 9 o’clock or after 16 o’clock.

We also had better not play for too long. The reason is that when you play for too long, your bodies have to work too much and they become tired. You should divide the exercises into small parts to practice rather than play all of the parts continuously on the grounds that it is not effective and you will become bored soon. About 20 to 30 minutes each day is suitable for both adults and children. For normal people, playing for around 30 minutes is reasonable. For those who want to lose weight, they can play for longer, about 45 minutes. Continue reading NOTES FOR PLAYING SPORTS IN THE SUMMER


It is a very good idea to have a camping trip with our friends on special occasions such as summer holidays, semesters’ break or other occasions. You can see that when going camping, we often forget to bring something that we only remember when we arrive at the camping are. To remember all the necessary things, we ought to keep in our mind the five steps: choosing camping area, informing, arranging the tent, preparing camping tools and running the camping program.

In this article, we will provide detailed information for you.

  1. Choosing camping area

The leaders of the camping trip will be responsible for examining and choosing the camping area. The camping area has to be large enough and consist of the following factors:

  • Sightseeing: the sightseeing varies, depending on people who go camping. For example, if students go camping, the area has to be safe.
  • The draining system: the camping area has to be dry; it will not be flooding when it rains heavily.
  • Water system: the camping area should be near the fresh water system so that we can supply enough water. If we have a camping trip for student, we cannot bring water for the trip from home. We need to look for water sources there.
  • Trees, firewood: when we go camping, we have to cook so firewood is very necessary on the grounds that we cannot bring gas stove.
  • Easy to come: before going camping, we have to consider all the expenditures, including transportation costs. Therefore, we should choose the area that has convenient transportation in order that we can reduce the transportation expenditure.
  • Market: a market will be where provide food for the camp. However, we should not go camping near the market as it is very noisy. The transportation should be convenient enough to come to the market.



In this modern time, parents have paid more attention to the development of their children so they have looked for a number of methods to provoke their interest and excitement. Playing outdoor sports is said to be the most effective method to help our children to understand the value of their life. Through playing sports, they also grab a chance to improve their soft skills.

In this article, we will give you some influences of playing sports to our children.

  1. Playing sports learn to master living skills

Our children will learn a lot of lessons about how to sharpen their skills from their early age. Through playing outdoor sports, they have an opportunity to take different roles in a team such as a leader or a member. We can also provide favorable conditions for our children to get access to surrounding nature and expand their relationship in a positive way.

In addition to this, they will learn how to deal with competitive games or contests. This will create a real environment for them to learn how to make a plan, achieve their goals and how to control their emotion and their behaviors. By dint of that, they become more mature. Continue reading ROLES OF OUTDOOR SPORTS TO CHILDREN’S GROWTH


Our world is working and developing continuously, which requires us to work hard, too. In terms of working here, it means that we have to both prepare well our physical and mental condition. A lot of people often complain about their health on the grounds that they are always dealing with sickness and types of diseases. One of the most significant reasons for this is that people rarely take in any physical activity or sport.

To realize the importance of playing sports, we will discuss the benefits we will gain from those activities.

  1. Benefits to physical health

The direct benefits that all of us can figure out when we play sports is that our bodies will have a chance to move continuously in order to stimulate their growth. It depends on the kinds of sports that we can measure the frequency our bodies make movements. For example, if we go swimming, all the parts of our bodies will be forced to move strongly and continuously. By contrast, if we take a course of meditation (a new kind of sport), we only need to use your brain. All your bodies will be healthy and strong without making movements.

Here are some more detailed benefits from playing sports.

  • Our bodies become more active

As we need to stretch all our muscles, they become stronger day by day as long as we keep training and doing exercises. Looking at the matter in details, our arms will have more strength thanks to stretching regularly. The scientific studies indicate that our arm muscles work continuously and work very hard whenever we take part in any kind of sports such as badminton, tennis or table tennis. With only 30 minutes practicing per day, we will have strong arms after a few weeks. Continue reading WHY SHOULD PEOPLE PLAY SPORTS?


  1. The fact

Some kinds of sports such as climbing, swimming and biking are not only beneficial for children’s health but they also create good memories and bring to their life a lot of vivid colors. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to encourage our children to take part in sports.

According to a study of American experts, nearly 40 percent of children at the age of 10 to 12 years old rarely spend time doing exercises outdoor or playing sports and about 45 percent of children spend more than 2 hours every day watching television or playing games online.

Another survey indicates that games that children take part in have a strong impact on their behavior. Out of parents interviewed, there are fewer than 20 percent saying that their children have eve climbed the trees and only 25 percent of them think that their children might skip rope or participate in street activities like that.

According to experts, parents have to insure that their children have time for outdoor physical activities for more than one hour per day for the sake of their health improvement. Continue reading IT IS NECESSARY TO ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO PLAY SPORTS